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Without Prejudice | 22 April 2011

April 22, 2011

Dr Evan Harris joins law bloggers Charon QC, David Allen Green and Carl Gardner to discuss the Twitter Joke case, David Cameron and his views on privacy law, the Digital Economy Act judicial review, AV, referendums and the law and finally, the Act of Settlement 1701 and succession to the monarchy.


Without Prejudice

April 7, 2011

Law bloggers Charon QC, David Allen Green and Carl Gardner discuss –

  • the government’s draft Defamation Bill, currently subject to consultation;
  • superinjunctions and so-called “hyperinjunctions”;
  • the Supreme Court’s removal of immunity for expert witnesses in civil proceedings in its Jones v Kaney judgment (and why should judges be immune from being sued?);
  • the ruling of the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights in Lautsi v Italy, in effect restoring the right of Italy to require crucifixes to be displayed in classrooms;
  • miscarriages of justice, Lord Denning and the landmark BBC programme Rough Justice, and
  • whether mini-pupillages are part of the current internship culture.